February 04, 2017
You never know when an earthquake will strike! That's why we all have to be prepared in case of emergency. In addition, talking about earthquakes in kindergarten is an excellent opportunity to approach scientific areas connecting with the structure of planet earth, the results of physical disasters on earth's morphology and how science studies all these phenomenons.

what can we include in our lesson?

  • What is an earthquake ? ( brain strorm for investigation kids' principal ideas and thoughts ).
  • What is happening during an earthquake?
  • How do scientists count the force of an earthquake?
  • How can I be protected during and after an earthquake?
  • what is a supply emergency kit?
  • which are the criteria for making my own emergency bag?
  • How do I feel when an earthquake hits? ( let's talk about feelings and the ability to reduce our stress ).
  • rescue tips : correct and wrong reactions during and after an earthquake
  • art creations
An interesting presentation about "what is an earthquake?" you may find at the video below:

Correct and wrong reactions during an earthquake :

Kindergarten worksheets about earthquake:


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